The Ones Who Can’t Start

She is beautiful. She is intelligent. She is ruthless. She is unstoppable.

She believes that she can do anything she has set her mind to. She isn’t wrong.

She accepts failure with grace and she takes success with pride.

She talks with her voice crisp and her head raised high.

She maintains her calm whenever making a point and she stands for everyone’s right to voice their opinions, even if they don’t match hers.

She believes in equality and the freedom of speech.


But because she is unstoppable, she believes everyone else can be too.

Because she can stand in front of the world and make her point, she believes everyone should be able to do.

She does not understand inability because she has never faced it.

She does not understand helplessness because she has never been there.

She does not understand how anyone could ever be stopped if they really really want something.

She will never understand the plight of the people who never even had the opportunity to start.


3 thoughts on “The Ones Who Can’t Start”

    1. I would like to think we all have the opportunity to start too but I think in the end this world isn’t as idealistic as many of us like to think it is. I would say that I have the opportunity to start and keep going but it is a blessing that I am in the position that I have this opportunity.

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      1. It is a blessing to be where we are. What I suppose I mean is that we all have the opportunity to start SOMETHING. Though we may be poor, we have the opportunity to love, to share, to learn. Even if we are starving we have the opportunity to endure hardship and learn the meaning of gratefulness. Even if we are dying we have an opportunity to go with grace into the next world.

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